Using Prevention as a Cure

About Us

Sound Imaging Diagnostics was founded in 1988 to be the premier provider of Noninvasive Cardiac Imaging, Noninvasive Vascular Imaging, and Vascular Diagnostic Testing. All of our technicians are very clinically experienced and are credentialed as sonography professionals by the American Registry for Diagnostic Sonographers (, in one or more specialty areas. All of our technicians are members of the Society for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers ( and routinely complete all requirements for continuing education to maintain their credentials and professional standing.

Sound Imaging Diagnostics was established to improve patient testing and patient outcomes and is dedicated to improving health and health care for everyone. Sound Imaging Diagnostics’ business model is designed to bring affordable, high-quality, and noninvasive imaging and testing methods to the treatment and prevention of disease in the outpatient and primary care settings. Awareness and taking preventative measures to avoid disease are the hallmarks of “Using Prevention as a Cure”. The sooner patients take the preventative measures and apply them in their lives, the more disease is prevented and thus acts as a “cure” by stopping the disease from happening or severely limiting the scope of its spread. This means dramatic positive results in patient outcomes, patient quality of life, and patient longevity. The implementation of this model and process decreases the needs for surgical interventions, medication, and declining quality of life as we go through the natural aging process.

The heart of what Sound Imaging Diagnostics was created to accomplish is to create more availability to patients, increase patient and physician interaction and create a continual improvement atmosphere that translates to better patient outcomes and reduction of future healthcare costs and interventions which benefits all users of the healthcare system.

Sound Imaging Diagnostics’ business model and process are based on these tenets: Quality, Affordability, Access, Reproducibility, Transparency, Communication, and Teamwork.

These tenets are the foundation of success for Sound Imaging Diagnostics and the success of improving patient outcomes and patient longevity.

Our Exams

Carotid Duplex Ultrasound

An ultrasound of the arteries in your neck

Echocardiogram/Stress Echo

An ultrasound of your heart

Peripheral Venous

An ultrasound of the veins in your legs or arms

Peripheral Arterial

An ultrasound of the arteries in your legs or arms