Your results are exactly that: your results. The more you understand your results the more you can make them work for you.

To take charge of your health you need to know what the tests are and what the results indicate about your health. Your physician will explain the results to you while showing you the pictures from the exam because they allow you to see your results in more anatomical detail which will help you understand precisely what this information means to you. The explanation of your results is much better in an outpatient setting because the time spent with you to explain your results will be much more thorough than in a hospital.

These exams represent a snapshot of your current state of health. This means that, when these exams are repeated in the future, each set of results acts act as a reference point and shows changes over time. This is why it is extremely important that you have this information in your health record: so that, even if you move away or change physicians, the results from the exams can be evaluated and changes can be seen.

These results will be kept in an electronic health record (EHR) which allows you to utilize today’s technology to always keep the vital information in your results on-hand and easily accessible. All hospitals and physicians are required to use these EHRs or they are required to transition into using these EHRs if they are not already. The results from exams done by Sound Imaging Diagnostics will be available in your electronic health record.

The results of the exams are yours. Use them to the fullest extent, and make them work for you!